False statements or representation

On XX/XX/XXXX and XXXX XXXX, XXXX paid for purchases at XXXX XXXX and XXXX, respectively with a personal checks. During the same month I attempted to open a separate account at a different bank that would allow me to transfer funds to my grandson ‘s bank account who was in school in a different state. I learned, while trying to open a new account that my name was in XXXX which came as a complete surprise. When I called the number given to me by the bank, I was advised that my checks were presented on a ” closed account ” according to my credit union. This was not true. The Credit union provided a letter to TRS Recovery Services stating that it was an error that my account was showing ” closed ” and I paid both checks with certified funds. I shopped in a XXXX XXXX store on XX/XX/XXXX and attempted to pay for my purchases via check ( my debit card was lost during the XXXX holidays and I had not received a replacement card yet ) and my check # XXXX was denied. I had just checked my account via automated system prior to shopping and my balance was more than enough to cover my purchase so I approached the manager after calling the ” XXXX ” number at my CU and learning that I, without question, had sufficient funds. The manager then checked and noticed that TRS was denying the check. She contacted TRS after getting on the phone with my credit union so that they could verify my available funds but the CU could not override TRS in their system and interface the transaction with XXXX. TRS told the manager that I would have to make purchases ( via check ) to establish a history with them in order to clear my account. XXXX of all I am being penalized because of an error that my CU made back in XXXX and which has since been corrected and the checks paid and Secondly, how can I re-establish a check cashing history if TRS is denying my checks particularly since XXXX – TRS is used by most merchants in this area. The manager of the grocery store asked the same question but go no satisfactory answer. This company refuses to consider the fact that they got a signed letter from XXXX XXXX Credit Union stating the fact that is was an error on their part that my account showed ” closed ” at the time the checks were presented in each store and NOT INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. To continue to penalize me when evidence has been presented to refute the initial claim and the fact that TRS agreed that I should not pay returned check fees on either check and the fact that I have paid both checks with certified funds, in my opinion is double jeopardy if there is such a term in debt collection. I am penalized for something I DID NOT DO! I am seeking your assistance in clearing this matter up so that it does not continue to defeat my efforts to clean up my credit and improve my credit score. I have XXXX addresses for TRS Recovery : XXXX XXXX, XXXX, XXXX XXXX ; XXXX. XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX ;

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