False statements or representation

Dear Sir/Madame : I am a victim of the company Encore Capital XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and I do not know who I can talk to or what I should do.
Last month my payroll dept garnish my pay because they had a copy of a court order stating I lost a lawsuit involving XXXX XXXX and this law case against me for over {$12000.00}. The court document had my name but my mother ‘s address XXXX. This judgement was date in XXXX. I had lived XXXX since XXXX until last year when I came XXXX to care for my terminally ill mother in XXXX. I have now taken a job XXXX but I know nothing about a judgment or that I was being sued in XXXX. I now learned that this judgement has been on my credit report all this time. I talked to XXXX XXXX and they have stopped the garnishment but will not tell me how this all happened or what my rights are. I called the law office XXXXbased Encore Capital Group and they only said that the bill is with XXXX XXXX. I have burial bills and so many other bills to pay off since I quit my job XXXX to come XXXX to help care for my mother! I can not go through being garnished again!!! and I do not even know why I was sued. I have had a XXXX XXXX credit card and money market account with XXXX for over 10 years. If XXXX XXXX wanted to sue me they had my address XXXX! And owing {$12000.00}. The credit limit on my XXXX XXXX credit card is about {$1200.00} not nothing close to {$12000.00}. Please tell me who I can talk to 1 ) TO MAKE SURE I DO NOT GET GARNISHED AGAIN ; 2 ) WHERE THIS JUDGMENT CAME FROM AND HOW TO FIGHT IT ; 3 ) HOW TO GET IT OFF MY CREDIT REPORT ; 4 ) Do I HAVE ANY RIGHTS IN THIS MATTER. Thank you for your time, XXXX XXXX

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