False statements or representation

The collections agency is using fabricated altered documents to validate a debt that they say I owe in the amount of {$4700.00}. I did live at the apartments in XX/XX/2011, but there was never a balance due in the amount being reported on my credit. The documents attached are documents the collections agency forwarded to me to try and prove their case but after reviewing the documents I realized the documents had in fact been altered. I am also planning to have an attorney to review these documents because I feel that what has happened to me concerning this issue has been extremely unfair. The amount they are asking is invalid I never owed the company this much money ever! The documents the collections agency provided had no return address on them, no contact number, and no agents signature from the original creditor, the documents the collections agency provided me as proof is totally invalid and the original creditor has no records of the debt and it farther proves that I never owed this money. The original creditor has never charged this much for any of their apartments. The dates and the amounts are invalid. I do not owe this money and I want it to stop being reported on me credit because it is having a negative effect. When I asked the representative about these documents she told me that she had a signed lease and that ‘s all she needed and she would list me as a refusal to pay. I told her that I disagreed with the authenticity of the documents and I was not going to send her company any more money concerning this debt. She was rude in all email correspondences she told me that there was no need for me to email her again, and she has been consistent with trying to collect this debt from me. She believes that she can collect this money from me because of the lease I signed in XX/XX/2011 which I did sign but the amounts have been changed they are not the same, and the dates do not match my recollection of the actual lease agreement that was signed. I know what an altered document looks like and the documents she sent me have been altered.

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