False statements or representation

Stellar Recovery, Inc. reported a collections account to the XXXX credit bureaus in XX/XX/XXXX, identifying XXXX as the original creditor. When I called Stellar for information on the debt, I was told it was a debt from XX/XX/XXXX in the amount of {$440.00} and previously had a high balance of {$520.00}. I then called XXXX and spoke to XXXX other people, XXXX claiming I owed {$27.00} and another claiming I owed {$720.00}. This is a debt from 5 years ago, and XXXX never contacted me saying that I owed anything! I ca n’t verify if the debt is valid because the companies tell me different amounts. I was in the process of purchasing a house when this was reported on my credit and I lost the sale and the pre-approval from my lender. The collection agency is completely misrepresenting my current position as a borrower by reporting the debt as new in XX/XX/XXXX, yet saying telling me the account became delinquent in XX/XX/XXXX. To top it all off, my wife just had a false collections account reported by Stellar Recovery removed from her account. How can they be allowed to do this to people?

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