False statements or representation

I was contacted and left a voicemail by the same person three times in one week claiming to be XXXX XXXX representing XXXX. She stated on the voicemail, she was contacting me regarding legal complaints that are stemming from XXXX, that is attached to my name and then she stated the last XXXX numbers of my social. ( XXXX is my bank. ) I contacted my bank. They did not know anything about this. They put more security on my account deciding this could possibly lead to identity theft. Then I received another voicemail from XXXX XXXX, this time more information. She stated she was contacting me in regards to a check and fraud charge, that they have been asked to file against my name and social security number. Then by the third call XXXX XXXX left a voicemail that she received several legal complaints in her office regarding fraudulent allegations that are attached to my name and social security number. This was very upsetting because I did n’t know who, XXXX was, and XXXX XXXX stated in the first voicemail that my bank, XXXX, was where the legal complaints were stemming from. My bank stated they do not have any legal complaints out against me. So she was lying. I was tired of the constant threats on my voicemail. I called the number XXXX to contact XXXX XXXX. She wanted my name, I stated I would just give my phone number. Then I waited and there was silence. So I just began speaking, ” I would like you to stop contacting my number … ” but before I could finish she started screaming at me that this was Ace Cash Express! So I said, ” What is XXXX? ” That is who she said she represented in all of the voicemail ‘s. She said, ” They were going to file fraud charges against me, but was yelling at me and very unprofessional altogether. I could n’t get a word in. It was verbal abuse, and I was n’t going to take it. I ended the call. My phone rang and it was the number I called. She was calling back and I did not answer.

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