False statements or representation

In 2011 I left my XXXX husband. We had three months left on our lease and I stayed at home with my parents and paid the remaining three months. I also turned in my 60 day notice in XXXX of 2011 and our lease was up in XXXX. ( I paid XXXX, XXXX and XXXX rent ). I talked to the lease lady and she said I was all clear. After our lease XXXX XXXX signed a new lease and they did not take my name off and put in lease in my name without my permission! I found this out years later when Rent Recovery Solutions had a {$2500.00} collect charge. I tried calling XXXX apartments and they could not help because they were under new management. I called the old management company and they could not provide me any information on the lease dates etc. I have gotten this removed from XXXX and XXXX but it is still on my XXXX report. This lease was started without my permission and the charges are not mine.

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