False statements or representation

Receivables Outsourcing, LLC in XXXX MD XXXX acquired outstanding medical debt for my daughter ‘s account. I willingly called them to discuss the debt and workout a settlement on XXXX XXXX around XXXX XXXX . The first persons I spoke with, XXXX ( who I was later told by supervisor XXXX did n’t exists ) offered at 25 % discount to my daughter ‘s outstanding bill. I asked her if it could be a lower amount. She told me they were bound by the rules of the hospital which was to offer no more than 25 %. I told her I ‘d call the hospital and ask them about it. She became obviously annoyed told me to go ahead and they will end up having me calling Receivab les Outsourcing, LLC a nd they are bound to the 25 %. She then hung up on me. I was n’t done with my conversation. I wanted to discuss another account they had, my husband ‘s but she was annoyed and chose to end the conversation. I ‘m not sure how I can pay my bills when they wo n’t talk to me. I then called the hospital on my husband ‘s account because I had questions regarding his billing. This also gave me time to calm down. I called Receivable s Outsourcing again. I asked to speak to a manager. I was told one was n’t available. I asked to leave a message for someone. I was put into a male ‘s voicemail. I left a messag e. I still have n’t heard back. I called back because I wanted to speak to someone. I asked for a supervisor again. This time I spoke to XXXX . I explained I was angry bc I had been hung up on once. I explained I wanted to settle my debt. I explained I have a ton of medical debt way beyond the accounts she can see in front of her. I wanted to negotiate an amount more than a 25 % discount. She told me that she was bound by the 25 % bc that ‘s what the hospital sets. I said okay and hung up. I then called XXXX , the original source of the debt. I spoke to XXXX and the billing supervisor XXXX XXXX about the relationship between the hospital and Receiva bles Outsourcing, LLC. I was told the hospital accepts whatever payment Receivables Outsourcing coll ects on their behalf. I explained I was being told by Receivables that XXXX set a limit on the amount of a discount they can offer – 25 %. Straight from the supervisor at XXXX , XXXX XXXX , they DO NOT p ut any rules on the amount of a discount they collect. Whatever Receivables collects XXXX accepts. PERIOD! I called Receivables back with this bit of information. I was very angry at this point bc I ‘ve been hung up on and lied to. I asked to speak to XXXX again. She got on the phone and verified all the account information. I explained to her my conversations with the hospital and told her she lied to me. She never acknowledged that she lied. She stumbled on her words and became firm. She said I ca n’t offer you anything more. But that ‘s not true. The first reasons she gave me was the hospital bound her to 25 %, I found out otherwise and now she said she could n’t do anything more but could n’t tell me why. I asked to speak to XXXX ‘s supervisor. She at first told me she was it. I told her we all have a supervisor and that includes her. She then told me her supervisor is n’t available and she ‘d take a message for her supervisor to call me back. I told her I ‘d like to leave her supervisor a message. She put me on hold then suddenly a person answered the phone. Her name was XXXX . XXXX said she was XXXX ‘s supervisor. She ‘s the one that told me XXXX did n’t exist. Did n’t offer to help me figure out who it was. I told her I ‘d been hung up on. I told her I ‘d been calm until this point. I told her XXXX lied to me about the 25 % policy. I explained to her my conversation with the hospital and gave her the names of the people I talked to. She said she does know the supervision XXXX XXXX and talks to her multiple times a day. She told me I misunderstood what XXXX said. And they are bound to only 25 %. She told me I can have XXXX call her if I ‘d like. I told her she needed to work out the misunderstanding and get on the same page. She told me they were on the same page and she ‘s done. Receivables is lying to me about what they are bound to do. I ‘d like to see the policy in writing if this will be continued to be thrown in my face. I am trying to settle my account and have this closed on my credit report in my best interest. This company is taking advantage of people when they are at their worst. I ‘m trying to do the right thing. My husband and my daughter have had to catastrophic medical issues. Husband had a m ajor XXXX scare that required extensive testing and XXXX and my daughter has had extensive XXXX for an illness and will continue to need a high level of care. All while my husband lost his job in the middle of this. He ‘s employed again thankfully. I ‘m not trying to run from my problems. I ‘m trying to manage them.

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