False statements or representation

A credit collection agency attaching privacy statements which I have not signed nor have I given authorization for them to use my ss number and information. They need to provide something I signed with the originator that states that they are allowed to seel my information to a third and fourth party. They claim to be attornies but they are representing a firm that goes under XXXX names, and send collection statements under each name when in essence it is XXXX and there is a class action law suit against them. I was making payments on my Saks Credit card but they had already sold my account ( XXXX XXXX still work for XXXX and was able to see that I was making payments while XXXX sold the account and only kept XXXX and laid people off ). As a result I will sue whomever is involved for using my information my account my data which already should be archived. It is illegal to use my name ss number and data when I did not authorize it. The privacy notice is bogus and not acceptable it is my data! And they sell my data THAT IS FRAUD!

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