False statements or representation

First, some of your choices did not apply to my problem. I only selected them so I could proceed. The first paragraph below is my first contact with the XXXX of Ohio XXXX . General regarding GC XXXX XXXX Partnership/Gulf coast Services/ Operations Division. They in turn, contacted them about my complaint. I have attached a copy or their atty ‘s response. Below is a summary of my problem : FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT. I have student loans. Through a collection agency I made arrangements for pmt in XXXX XXXX and was assured by employee, that I was not certified for my tax refund to be taken. It was. On XXXX the agency mgr said he would listen to recorded ph calls & get back to be by XXXX . He did not and will not respond to my calls. To me, this deceitfulness regarding the offset and the refusal of the mgr to return my call is a blatant violation. In return, the atty said he has been disciplined. You do n’t discipline someone of they are NOT GUILTY! Please review the attachment. In addition to the above matter, my initial contact with the agency was with agent XXXX XXXX . We did not have a congenial conversation and when she hung up, she called me back and called me a XXXX . I suspect it was on her personal phone, and so it ca n’t be proven. However, I believe it was on XXXX XXXX , XXXX about XXXX . Those calls could be listened to. I had also told Mgr. XXXX XXXX about this in my conversation with him on XXXX XXXX , XXXX . I ‘m confident this was covered up as well. I look forward to your response. XXXX XXXX

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