False statements or representation

When I was XXXX years old ( 6 years ago ) I signed my first lease for my first apartment. After having my apartment broken into, possessions stolen, and in fear of my safety I made the decision to break my lease, I gave them notice and I even paid the last months rent ( which I was not there for ) thinking that it was settled, but apparently not. They say I owe {$950.00} or some odd amount stated in my lease which I have reviewed my lease and do not see that anywhere, this has put a dent in my credit and the debt collection company is reviewed as terrible. They buy small debts and try to make hundreds of dollars off of them. Please help me! Thank you. The name of the agency comes up as Natlcrsys on my credit report. I tried to settle with them for {$250.00} and they claimed they would n’t accept anything less than {$640.00}. Which makes no sense and is not fair.

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