False statements or representation

In XXXX I took out a payday loan for {$400.00} from a company called XXXX XXXX. In XXXX I received threatening and unprofessional voicemails from a man named XXXX XXXX from a blocked phone number. In the messages he did not provide the company which he was calling from but still threatened that he had ” legal documents against me ” which would be sent to XXXX County ( the county where I reside ). He also left a XXXX number, which I called and was answered by a very rude ” legal department ”. When asked who I was speaking to and where exactly they were calling from and what exactly the calls were in reference to, the very rude and unprofessional ” XXXX XXXX ” proceeded to yell and tell me he did not have to prove who he was or where he was calling from. Finally I got from him that they were a paralegal calling from National Payment Solutions, LLC collecting a debt with XXXX. I asked for written documentation to be mailed to me, which I never received. Since I was being threatened to be taken to court, and since I knew I had taken a loan out with XXXX I agreed to set up a payment arrangement with them in order to settle my debt with XXXX. I paid them payments of $ XXXX/month and stopped payments after I had paid them over {$600.00}. I stopped payments because I had NEVER received any written legal documentation from them and started to worry they were scammers, especially after having contacted XXXX who had never sent my debt over to them. I did not have time to try to fight them or money for a lawyer so I decided to cut my losses and move on. I had not heard anything from them up until now, XXXX XXXX. Again I received very fishy, threatening & u informative voicemails stating I would have legal documents served to me and be taken to court if I did not pay them right away. I called back immediately and spoke with the obnoxious and unprofessional XXXX XXXX who refused to send me anything in the mail proving that they are a legitimate legal company collecting a debt. He agreed to send me an EMAIL and told me I had only today to make a settlement or they would submit the documents to have me sued. The email does not tell me much more than XXXX XXXX & certainly does not prove to be coming from a legitimate company. Since I have already lost over {$600.00} to these people, I will not fall victim to them again! I ‘m more than willing to pay if any debt I owe but only to the place it is owed or to a legitimate collector. I have, again, contacted XXXX XXXX and told them about my situation. They told me that my account had been transferred to a XXXX XXXX, who then told me they had lost their records of accounts from XXXX and before & to contact XXXX XXXX XXXX where those old accounts had been transferred. XXXX XXXX XXXX also had no record of a debt from me and when I asked them if they ever have sent old debt collection accounts to ” National Payment Solutions ” they informed me they have never even heard of that company and to beware of a scam! When I called XXXX XXXX back with this information he rudely laughed and told me XXXX was not even in business and snarkly asked me ” what number I called and he would XXXX way call them right now with me on the phone ” as if I was lieing. I gave him the number fur XXXX I had called and he promptly put me on hold. I then was answered by a man named XXXX who apologetically told me he would send paper work to me immediately by mail. I am not expecting to receive such paperwork as it is apparent to me that these people ( who actually all sound like the sane person ) are either a scam or who need to be investigated and prosecuted for violating the FDCPA.

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