False statements or representation

I was told by XXXX, that they would run a credit application to get us financial approval to install a new roof on our home. XXXX called back a few weeks later and said we were approved to get the work done! I asked them how much was the approval amount! They stated XXXX! I also asked them, what would be the monthly payment, they stated XXXX dollars! The contractor stated that they would send a crew out to start the job in a few weeks! A few weeks later, they did start the job! Their entire crew only ended up being XXXX guys! These XXXX guys rushed to hurry up and finish the job! They were on top of the roof during the late evening in complete darkness hammering and nailing! The contractor told them to rush so that they could meet the deadline to start the next job! And that is exactly what they did! They did a terrible job, and the quality of work was bad! We did n’t receive any paper work until the job was done! The Paper work was not the same! We received different papers on XXXX different occasions to sign! We did n’t have the option to to cancel the job in the 3 day period that was stated in the paper work! We did n’t know about that option until after the 3 day period had already expired! We did n’t think we had a option to decline, especially since the work was now completed! Then we made the first payment of XXXX dollars to Aqua finance company, instead of the pay off amount going to a lesser amount the pay off amount went up in price to XXXX dollars! Then we received a bill statement outlining the details of the loan! The XXXX dollarso only went toward the interest rate, instead of the pay off balance! In order for the payment to go toward the interest and the pay off balance, we must pay the minimal payment of XXXX dollars instead of the XXXX dollars! We are also being charged XXXX dollars late fees for payments not received within 10 days and our APR may increase to the penalty APR of XXXX percent! I blame XXXX for setting me up with this predatory lender Aqua finance! My credit score was XXXX during the time the roofing work was approved! I also got approved to buy a XXXX dollar vehicle during the same period! I really beuylieve, I should have got a better financing option than what I was offered! The worker from XXXX XXXX stated we always go with the first approval! This first approval, is set up for me to fail! This is a total rip off! Please help me get a fair and reasonable loan which is not going to take advantage of me

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