False statements or representation

XXXX ( XXXX ) contacted my mother and father and stated that they had an open investigation on myself and needed information regarding some legal matters. The messages sounded as if they were written by a law enforcement agency. My parents forwarded the information to me and I called to see what the issue was in reference to. The company told me that I had broken several laws by writing bad checks ( which I never did, the creditor only accepted EBTs ) and that I was being charged with attempting to defraud a financial institution, which they told me was a serious crime. These accusations are completely false, as I had never written a check to the original creditor nor had I any intent to defraud this online lender. I was simply waiting to be offered a settlement amount on what turned out to be a predatory loan. XXXX then told me that they were sending someone to my house with some papers. When I grew angry with the accusations, the supervisor began yelling into the phone that ” Hey, we ‘re not the ones that do n’t pay our debts!! ” and started laughing. I am currently in year XXXX of my Chp XXXX bankruptcy and the company knew that. This was apparent because the angry woman knew my attorney ‘s name and phone number and began saying that it was illegal to not pay a debt that was incurred after filing bankruptcy. I immediately called and spoke with my attorney who assured me that this was a violation of the FDCA and that I should file a complaint. I settled with the company to prevent further harassment of this nature but am now wondering if I should have, knowing the seriousness of these actions.

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