False statements or representation

XXXX Gym continued to bill me after I cancelled my membership. I joined this gym end of XX/XX/XXXX. Froze my account XX/XX/XXXX, cancelled membership XX/XX/XXXX. XX/XX/XXXX I see a charge from the gym again. I called the XXXX XXXX manager, who said he ‘d cleared my account and that I should call his gym ‘s headquarters, XXXX that handles billing for him. I called XXXX, the rep. also told me that my account is cleared with them. This was back in XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX. In XX/XX/XXXX, I received a letter from the collection agency stating I owe XXXX Gym {$51.00}. I ca n’t call the gym, as it ‘s closed now. So I called XXXX, now they tell me they tried calling me in XX/XX/XXXX about the charges, that even though membership is cancelled they charge XXXX more month of dues ( XXXX ) and an additional return fee of {$25.00} XXXX I had disputed the XX/XX/XXXX charge with my credit card ). I wish XXXX told me about the XXXX more month charge when I spoke with them in XX/XX/XXXX Also nothing about XXXX more month payment was when I was signing up with XXXX Gym. These deceitful practices must stop!

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