False statements or representation

XXXX offered to settle an account then refused when I didnt have a secondary phone #. Also RUDE and SARCASTIC Supervisor. I called Hunter Warfield regarding an alleged debt to ask if there was a possibility of removing from my credit report with full payment or settlement. The representative said that it can not be removed but she would certainly offer me a settlement of less than the full balance. When I asked what was the lowest amount she would accept she said there were some questions. I verified my name, address, and ONLY phone #. She asked for a secondary # to which I replied I did not have a home phone # and my place of employment didnt allow personal calls. She told me that without another phone # to put on the file she would not offer me a settlement. I told her I didnt understand that policy because I was prepared to close the account that day. She asked me for a friend of family members number and I asked why if she had a confirmed phone # for me. Calling a XXXX party when they have a good phone number for me would be an FDCPA violation. She said sorry. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. Supervisor got on the line and reiterated that they could settle the account. I said, Great! How much can you save me today to take care of it?? He said : I just need to updat the file with another phone #? I again told him that I only had XXXX number, that they had permission to call me on my cell manually but not by an auto dialer. I told himt here was no other # I could give him. He sarcastically said : When you pick up your cell phone and click on contacts you mean to tell me it ‘s empty?? I again asked why having a freinds phone # was so important and that having and using a XXXX party phone # would be an FDCPA violation. He said : ” Fine pay the balance in full then. ” I asked him if it was normal practice to offer settlements to people who have XXXX phone # ‘s but not people with XXXX?? Doesnt that seem like discrimination? He said I can pay the balance in full if I do n’t like it. We ended the call with me asking them to call back when they would like to offer me the settlement they first spoke of. He hung up. XXXX hour later the XXXX representative called me again and said : ” what ‘s up with the account? ” Sarcastic and unprofessional. I asked if she was going to offer me the settlement figure and she said she needs a XXXX #. We ended the call the same way with me saying that I would gladly discuss with them when they were ready to call back and offer a settlement.

I do not understand their arbitrary practices of offering a settlement not do I understand their need for an alternate phone # for a friend or family memeber when they have a good contact number for me.

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