False statements or representation

Rent recovery services on behalf of XXXX XXXX XXXX Texas. I was ill and had to return to XXXX to hospital in XXXX XXXX – still attending XXXX XXXX! There was about 6 weeks left on my lease which ended XXXX XXXX. I was given no option for return of full XXXX bed flat of furniture incl XXXX inch TV, art work etc. I owe approx XXXX in rent although XXXX advised me that they had changed locks on door, and no access to get belongings, when I let them know I was in hospital in XXXX ie before end of lease.

This debt has been reported by rent recovery services, a collections agency on behalf of XXXX for the amount of {$4200.00} to the credit agencies, more than 100 % interest in 8 months!!!!!!! They are ensuring that this bill will rise exorbitantly month by month so can not be repaid.

Also the value of my goods were more than {$2000.00} ( the bill ) and I was never given any option to recoup them.

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