False statements or representation

Dear CFPB, On XXXX XXXX, 2015 I contacted National Credit Systems XXXX Inc., and I spoke with representative XXXX XXXX about a debt they Reported to the creditors in the amount of {$1700.00}. I requested a debt settlement offer for {$1000.00}. In which I was denied. XXXX days latter, requested a settlement offer for {$1200.00}. And on the XXXX of XXXX, I was told my offer was denied and they were not accepting any offers, and that the account had to be paid in full by XXXX XXXX, 2015, and if not paid in full by that date the amount owed will increase and the new amount would be reported to the credit bureaus. So, to avoid any more negatives to my creditors I paid the amount in full on XXXX XXXX, 2015. To my astonishment, on XXXX XXXX, I received a letter from XXXX XXXX, stating that they are offering a XXXX percent settlement in the amount of {$880.00}, I was shocked! And hurt to know that they would go to such extreme to be deceptive just to obtain the full amount. However, I would like for the company to honor the 50 percent settlement offer, and return {$880.00} in certified check.

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