False statements or representation

I settled XXXX % of a {$590.00} cell phone debt on XXXX/XXXX/2015 for {$260.00}. The manager at that time ” chris ” ( XXXX ) told me that he could take my wife ‘s debit card info. over the phone that day and that it would be settled, and he would send out paperwork stating that debt was settled, and paid for delete. Now over a year later, they are ignoring my phone calls, insisting that XXXX no longer works there, and that that they sold remaining balance to another collection adgency and could no longer help me. There was no remaining balance! XXXX at PINNACLE lied to me, and I have since then complained to the XXXX reporting beaurus, as well as sent a certified letter to the new collection company stating I am disputing the amount, and I DO NOT OWE THIS {$390.00}. The amount is small, but still wrecking havock on my family!!! I can not raise my credit score in order to apply for a home loan for my XXXX kids and loving wife. NOONE is listening I feel like when I try to say this amount was settled on XXXX/XXXX/2015. Pinnacle took that amount from my wifes checking account, and it was settled that day! They tricked me, and instead reported that it was a payment, not settlement aggrement to extinguish it from my credit report. I feel robbed by PINNACLE, and they are ruining my life over a lie that they say they recorded our conversation that day, and we were all set in 2 weeks after paying the {$260.00}, on XXXX/XXXX/2015. I am so angry. Please please help! I sent a letter of dispute, and intent to the new collection adgency that pinnacle falsley sold the remainingt balance to, stating that I was disputing owing any money at all at this point, but disputed is not reflecting on my credit report, and now I am at the bank trying for a home loan yet again, and the bank is looking at me like a I am an XXXX, for asking for a home loan of XXXX when I ca n’t seem to pay {$390.00}!
I am so upset that the company is still tryign to squeeze money out of me when the statute of limitations already ran out, and they never even proved I owed the cellphone bill amount in the first place, so much time passed, I thought I didnt even owe that money. But I was being plesent, and wanted to make things right for my family so I paid the {$260.00}, and they lied and are trying to steal the reamining balance out of my pocket, or else I ca n’t buy a home! I am furious! thank you for lending an ear in this injustice, PINNACLE should be reprimanded, and sued for lying, and misrepresenting themselves! XXXX XXXX

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