False statements or representation

URGENT! ACTION NEEDED : False representation, unethical behavior and consequent actions of a medical facility and health corporation along with padding medical costs, etc. : I went to court yesterday, at XXXX in the XXXX County Justice Court in XXXX , Mississippi , an attorney with Healthcare Financial , the legal representative for XXXX XXXX Hospital presented legal proceedings against me for medical bill debt collection. It was at XXXX XXXX Hospital ‘s Emergency Room where last summer, in XXXX, I received Emergency Room medical services, one, in XXXX machine for XXXX which skyrocketed the bill, and Paid {$40.00} on bill and was not reflected at court, XXXX, Tuesday, XX/XX/XXXX. So, before any collections, my bill was paid before judgment and notice, why should I now after court and stating my case face financial repercussions. There in Justice Court, the Judge XXXX XXXX ruled in favor of Healthcare Financial ( XXXX XXXX Hospital ) in a ruling of over {$1100.00} in ER medical costs ( the original cost, not reflecting the {$40.00} paid while in good standing-UNFAIR to turn over to collections ), court costs and attorney ‘s fees, even though Healthcare Financial with their paperwork quoted me as owing the entire amount of the medical bill, not giving credit nor taking into account the {$40.00} I paid back in XXXX to the XXXX XXXX Hospital and I have my receipt. The original medical bill only, after I paid {$40.00} in a good faith effort was {$850.00}. Early on in summer XX/XX/XXXX, less than a few weeks after receiving services, I contacted the hospital requesting to make payments of {$10.00} to {$20.00} a month and more when I could afford to and was declined. I was told the least payments the hospital would accept was {$40.00} a month. With all my tons of bills, I struggled to make any payment, yet, while my medical account was in more-than-not, in good standing. I told the attorney I paid {$40.00} on my medical bill, and she said to me in the presence of the judge, ” You should n’t been able to pay them. They should n’t took a payment from you. ” But they did! And I have the receipt from XX/XX/XXXX. However, in Justice Court before all speaking aloud, the attorney for Healthcare Financial-XXXX XXXX Hospital said after I asked the Judge, XXXX XXXX could I continue on making payments or more affordable payments to the hospital and the attorney said I could pay a COLLECTION AGENCY, and the damage has already been done. I was more than not devastated. The attorney did not take into account the {$40.00} payment and asked for better arrangements, therefore my account should not be turned over to collections in such unethical and credit not taken into account.

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