False statements or representation

I had XXXX service many years ago, I had their service long enough to not be on a contract before we decided to discontinue service due to constant billing issues. When I checked my credit, I saw a company named, Convergent Outsourcing with a total amount of {$1200.00} with the original creditor XXXX. This is not only an incorrect billing issue, but it is TOTALLY erroneous and XXXX KNOWS it! they sold my account and applied false billing towards the account! I was NOT on a contract, nor did I owe a final balance as I was told when I canceled services several years ago. Convergent purchased this erroneous account and put this amount on my credit a while back and it was deleted from my credit. Convergent has put this debt back on my credit when it was already deleted. Please explain to me how this can happen? This needs to be taken off my credit NOW and NEVER allowed to be placed on my credit report again!!!!!!! you can not charge someone ETF when they are n’t on a contract, NOR, should you be able to put a debt on someone ‘s credit report when it was disputed and deleted off someone ‘s credit in the past. Convergent Outsourcing should be fined and I should attain a monetary settlement at this point.

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