False statements or representation

I received a call telling me that XXXX XXXX ” needed to confirm that I was going to home on Tuesday with ID to sign for a package. I asked who it was from he said HC XXXX. I explained that I did not want the package because I am not familiar with the sender. He then told me that he would forward through dispatch to the client who is sending it so that I can verify. I then was put on the phone with a gentleman telling me that a company was filing against me in XXXX County and he needed to send the me the documents. I advised him that I could not commit to be home during any 4 hour window on any day as I keep a busy schedule. HE then told me that he would advise XXXX County that I am a skip and they can deal with finding me. I said no problem sir, but for the record, your false legal jargon needs some updating because when a person is being sued, they are notified by the court so they do n’t need your documents. Good Day! I called the XXXX County Courthouse and they advised me that they had no lawsuit pending AND that if a suit is filed and a court date issued they will provide me with the paperwork via certified mail or deputy service. Anyone who gets a call from these people, write it down because this process they are using will hurt them in court! I tried to call the number back to the so called courier service and no one would answer. Then I tried from my home phone an still no answer. Low and behold they called back and the name on the caller ID said ” Hewitt Capital ”. I am assuming that this is what the HC in HC XXXX stands for. I guess they either own XXXX XXXX or they were ( and I am sure this is it because according to the real company XXXX XXXX whose number I found online, they are not affiliated ) misrepresenting themselves in order to try and collect a debt. I felt threatened, the conversation made no sense because I initially though he was telling my that I was being sued by the county that I live in. I called my country courthouse and they stated that there was no pending action against me for this company and that they would have served any papers to me. This man made me think I was suppose to be in court next week!! Gave a XXXX XXXX in the middle of lunch with my toddler, thought I was going to have to go to the hospital!

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