False statements or representation

I had got to judgment to garnish my check in XXXX and the amount was XXXX well within 2 months they added {$1100.00} on to this bill now its XXXX so when I call to talk with them there was suppose to get rid of the fees and the penalties fees. I told him I do n’t understand why {$1100.00} is added on here from XXXX to XXXX 2 months, so the guy cant explain to me why the bill is XXXX more everytime I call him he seems confused and ca n’t explain why. I ‘m willing to pay XXXX making payments a month but I refuse to pay all those extra fees and I do n’t understand it and this was a bill from XXXX from XXXX XXXX. I was just wondering is n’t there a statue of limitations in Colorado for 6 years just a question!

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