False statements or representation

PMT Solutions is an unethical, very unprofessional organization. I called to find out why they were sending me bills that were grossly inflated -with predatory feeds attached. Also, they said lost my letter to them asking them to send me a fair bill -minus the predatory fees. Further, I sent a {$15.00} money order and said apply this to any basic fees or charges that I may owe-but, again, my having been in the hospital with an overnight stay due to a XXXX-I was concerned with this bill and called to understand and resolve it as soon as I got out of the hospital and recovered. I asked why I had these excessive charges ; and, why am I still getting charges-even after I called to pay and resolve it and asked for line by line -item by item research.

Worse, PMT lost the {$15.00} money order that I sent in good faith with the letter requesting the exorbatant fees be removed! They actually lost the money order -did not offer to research and follow-up and hung up on me 3 times when I attempted to call back to ask for a manager to assist with resolutions. I was sent back and forth between XXXX companies and finally I became aware that PMT solutions has the ability to remove the excessive and predatory fees so that I can pay the base charges-fair and square. They simply refuse to be fair or ethical. For example on a charge that is {$21.00} a {$35.00} fee was added. This was done repeatedly even for charges under $ 7- a {$35.00} fee was added. This is by far predatory and unethical. They are unprofessional, rude and it is impossible to get fair resolve. I am certain that other consumers are being treated the same or worse. Please firmly address and stop them/this.

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