False statements or representation

On XXXX XXXX, XXXX at XXXX PST I called Universal Recovery Corp to inquire on debt I found on my credit. A gentlemen answered the phone and I ask for the current balance. For account # XXXX he stated I owe {$66.00} and for account # XXXX he stated I owe {$83.00}. I asked him how come the balance is different on my report, it says I owe {$56.00} and {$55.00}. The collection company representative said ” the discrepancy is because we have n’t re-reported to the credit bureaus, XXXX XXXX was the last time we reported on the stonewood account, and XXXX XXXX on the clearside account ” I asked him if that meant his establishment does not report current and accurate information to the credit bureau and he stated ” yes ”.

This is fraud! If they are n’t reporting current and accurate information on my credit what else are they falsifying. My best-friend owns a collection agency and they report to the CB twice a month to make sure everything is accurate and current. What if I was making payments, or anyone for that matter, this company does n’t report payments being made? This is terrible business practices and they should be audited to ensure they are n’t committing any crimes or falsifying anything major!!!

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