False statements or representation

Please take the time to look into student loans and XXXX XXXX XXXX fraudulent practices of applying their students into predatory student loans knowing full well that majority of the students could not repay back those loans after graduation. I had emailed you on this issue a few years back and explained how after graduating from XXXX XXXX with a XXXX XXXX XXXX I was told that my degree from XXXX XXXX was worthless to any governmental agency : State and Federal because of the accreditation of the school. I owe close to {$100000.00} in student loans ( both government and private loans ), many of which are in default or placed on an Income-based repayment plan where my monthly payment is at {$0.00} per month because I can not afford to pay back these loans due to the high cost of living for me to provide for my family of XXXX.

Most recently XXXX XXXX has been forced to shut down all its ‘ schools and is being sued by many states due to fraud practices on recruitment, student loans, etc. I had attended XXXX XXXX XXXX in XXXX, Nevada from XXXX – XXXX and graduated as XXXX. I attended school even throughout the economic crash, even through bankruptcy proceedings living off their promises to better opportunities of the future of starting anew and obtaining a better paying job to provide for my family. During the course of attending, XXXX XXXX ‘s Financial Representatives have placed me into numerous student loans to pay for their courses promising me that when I graduate it would be all for the better. I studied hard and worked hard to get high grades, even while working a full-time job and being a full-time mother to my XXXX children. After graduation, all I found myself was in high student loan debt which I can not repay. Till today, I have been suffering from shame, guilt, XXXX knowing that the debt is still rising from high interests and penalties and all I have to show for all of this is a ” Blank ” piece of paper, according to the XXXX personnel when they refused to hire me for a XXXX because I did not meet the education requirements. I was also denied a position as a XXXX agent at the XXXX because my credit is too high and risky, and they too did not recognize my education.

When will this all end? I do n’t have the money to hire a lawyer to help me nor do I know where to start in getting rid of these loans which have been a nightmare to myself and to my family ( with high collection calls from Navient and collection departments ). All this because of a school that refuse ( s ) to take responsibility to misleading me into high debt for an education which is worthless. Help me!

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