False statements or representation

I had a home years ago in XXXX, UT. I had split rooms into rentals, we already had services with other companies. My son and his wife wanted XXXX, I eventually gave in and ordered. On the day of install, I returned from an appointment to find my policeman neighbor outside to tell me about the damages to my property. We went to the back yard to find it ripped apart. My home was on the market to be sold. All my sod was destroyed, they used coal shovels destroying the lawn and left chunks of sod and mud all over the yard. The XXXX dish cables were severed and laying in the garden. XXXX XXXX cable I purchased in Arizona had been cut from the basement wall, about XXXX ” hanging from the wall. These XXXX installers had used MY cable to run their cable from the trench, across the lawn, over the TOP of the hog fencing and then on the ground, then into the side of the house. I went into the house, picked up the box that was there for the self-install and immediately called XXXX. I was told to bring the equipment to their offices off XXXX XXXX and the account would be canceled. I did that, with my grandson. We stood in line for nearly an hour, then the girl at the counter refused to accept the box. I asked for her supervisor, a guy came out from the back and I stated all that had happened and then he said he would send a supervisor to my home to make the repairs and pay for the damages. That NEVER happened! So, I NEVER opened the box, never turned it on, nothing but took it back to the store THEY told me to go to.

As of today, XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, my bank informs me that my credit is damaged by XXXX ( XXXX XXXX credit bureaus, both initiated by XXXX!! I have spent this entire day on the phone with XXXX and their circus! No matter how many people you talk to or ” supervisors ” you are told they ‘re transferring you to ” Corporate ” when they do n’t. It all goes back to Billing, where they do n’t help.

I have also learned that XXXX also filed against me for another amount of {$860.00} using another name, but I had not been in that home during the dates they claim, as I lived in another state.

XXXX destroyed my credit for what? I ‘m an old woman, a XXXX widow and grandma. THEY destroyed my home and property so I could n’t sell it. We lost XXXX when we did finally sold it when the housing market declined, after I had to shell out the costs to make the repairs.

I have been lied to by every single employee of XXXX for many years. I was told that because I returned the equipment, I would have no charges, then they destroy my credit!!


I ‘ve never had a notification, knew nothing about this until now. I suffered a XXXX XXXX XXXX in XXXX and have a hard enough time just coping, to be abused by this huge corporation is wrong!!

By the way, I have many witnesses to the damages that they did to my home and also how I did follow through that same day and drove to their office and handed the unopened box back to them..

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