False statements or representation

I was taken to court by a law firm representing XXXX XXXX credit card Patenaube and Fe! ix. They switched my court date three times and I was there every time but on the third time the baliff said they won a XXXX judgement on a card with a XXXX limit. I did not hear from them again for about six years. They never communicated with us on settling this debt. Then last week they levied my savings, my cd and our safe deposit box. The savings was Social security money from a savings account that was attached to a checking account which was only receiving social security XXXX. My wife who was not involved from this debt was also not able to access our safe deposit box. Bank XXXX XXXX charged XXXX to seize our savings which was for home taxes savings.. Then this law firm told us they needed a payment of XXXX overnight. We went tour bank to do this only to find out they had already seized the cd and our savings would given them quite a large over payment.

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