False statements or representation

I have been paying on a XXXX Credit Card debt that went into collections since 2008. Initially my account was with XXXX XXXX XXXX. I made a balloon payment of {$1000.00} and paid {$150.00} per month for all these years.

Recently my account was moved to Alpha Recovery Corp. and my payments of {$150.00} per month via my debit card continued. On XXXX XXXX approximately XXXX CST I answered my phone. A man on the other end asked, ” Is this XXXX? ” I said, ” Yes. ” The man then said, ” What is your birth date? ” I replied, ” Who is this? ” The man said, ” I am not going to tell you until you give me your birth date. ” I said, ” I am not going to give out my birth date to someone who wo n’t even identify themselves. ” The man then said, ” This is XXXX. ” I then recalled that I had spoken in the past to a man named XXXX with XXXX. I said, ” Is this XXXX with XXXX? ” He replied, ” No, I am with Alpha. ” I then said, ” I remember you. We have spoken before. ” I then gave him my birth date. XXXX XXXX never disclosed he was calling to collect a debt. I had to guess and figure out who he was and why he was calling.

XXXX XXXX with Alpha Recovery Corp informed me that my current payment arrangement had expired and I needed to pay the entire debt off now. I told him I was not able to do that and would need to continue the payments. I asked XXXX, ” Who is XXXX? ” I asked him this because when the payments are taken out of my account my account shows the payments are going to a company named XXXX. XXXX XXXX told me his client was XXXX XXXX, which I know is not true.

XXXX XXXX would not disclose how much I owed on the account nor would he provide a settlement amount. He did however keep insisting I use a credit card to charge a settlement amount to them. He threw out percentages, but never talked numbers. I have had this conversation with XXXX XXXX before and I informed him once again, that I was not going to charge an amount I would not be able to pay and get into financial trouble again. XXXX XXXX then said, ” So you are refusing to pay? ” I explained to him I was not refusing to pay, but needed to continue a payment arrangement to which he just hung up on me.

The next day, XXXX XXXX I called Alpha Recovery and requested that I be able to speak to someone other than XXXX XXXX about my account. I was put on hold and transferred to XXXX XXXX so I hung up. I also called Alpha ‘s complaint line and left a message, but never received a call back. I sent an email to their corporate office to no avail.

After paying on the XXXX XXXX collections debt for nine years I think it is possible this debt is paid off! Yet, Alpha Recovery now has the debt and will not provide me with information nor have I been able to speak with someone who is reasonable and honest.

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