False statements or representation

I moved XXXX and let my recently widowed stepfather and motherless sister move in after me. I left the cable plan going for them, too, which I had with XXXX.

They bounced checks and did not tell me, nor did XXXX. Once XXXX had had enough, they canceled the service, seized the equipment in person, and put on fees for returned checks, early termination, and for the equipment that was seized. They sent the debt to a company called AFNI.

AFNI asked that I pay some {$1400.00} for not paying a cable bill – when asked to justify that amount they said I had to call XXXX. I did. XXXX said they charged me for the equipment – I said I ‘d pay what I owed, but not the equipment, since my family told me that someone came and took it. XXXX said to wait while they did inventory, and to not pay anything to anyone until they did, and then after to pay them directly.

I waited.

XXXX said they found it and the new amount was some {$970.00}. I asked if it was on my credit report yet, they said no. I asked what I had to do to keep it out of my credit report, and did exactly what they said I had to do. They offered a payment schedule plan and I said I could do it in two months, and did.

After the first month ‘s payment AFNI put a hit on my credit report. I called XXXX and they said it was a mistake, that they ‘d delete it, and that once I paid the rest they would do so. I did. Nothing happened on their end.

I called back over the course of months trying to get them to do what they said they would do, to honor their original agreement to not put anything on my report or to delete it once it was put on there. I got mixed answers ranging from ” some other department will do it ” to ” we will call you back ” to ” the last person lied we do n’t do that at all. ” I appealed directly to the credit agencies and XXXX and XXXX deleted it quickly, without incident. XXXX says that I ” settled and paid less than the full amount ” ( I did not, they asked me to pay more than I owed in the first place! ) and that I defaulted ( I did not, I paid exactly as they told me to, and explicitly asked what to do to keep it off of my credit report, and did as told ).

XXXX states that AFNI claims they own the debt and that it ‘s mine, despite XXXX being paid by me directly and AFNI ‘s refusal to work with me regarding the amount I actually owed. XXXX refuses to either delete it or correctly remark that I did not settle for anything, but rather paid what I was told I actually owed in the first place.

XXXX records all of their phone calls and refuses to give me copies of these calls despite telling me they would in XXXX6 weeks in XXXX. It is now mid XXXX.

Do not trust XXXX. Do not trust AFNI. Do not do anything without getting it in writing. Stay persistent if this ever happens to you, and do n’t try to throw your family a bone after your mother died.

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