False statements or representation

XXXX and it ‘s designated debt collection company, ” West Asset Management ” ( also known now as Global Receivables Solutions ), engage in some dishonest billing and collection tactics. I was actually quite surprised to find out this same exact situation has happened to other people. After terminating my relationship with XXXX XX/XX/2014 ( important to note that I was no longer on a contract but paying month to month ) ; I paid XXXX for the remainder of that month in addition to the next month ‘s service. Unknown to me, XXXX decided to charge me for yet ANOTHER month of billing. So cancelling in XXXX 2014 and paying both XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX phone bills ; XXXX still decides to charge me with a XX/XX/XXXX bill! But because I no longer had autopay setup for the account, XXXX forwards the account to its collections company for hire – ” WEST ASSET MANAGEMENT. ” When I finally received documentation for the extra month I ” owed ” XXXX and contacted West Asset Management, they told me it could be resolved if I paid the amount in full and it would not affect my credit. I agreed even though I did not feel I owed the debt.
Checking my credit and seeing it get decreased with all three bureaus because of a derragatory mark, I again contacted West Asset Management. They informed me that I had paid too late and that there was now nothing they could do to remove the debt. West Asset Management was dishonest with me about the terms of resolving this debt.
To summarize, XXXX is very unscrupulous in trying to collect extra money from people who disengage their services. This was extremely disappointing that the manipulated end date of services in order to collect an extra month ; I had been a good customer on contract for well over two years who always paid on time and in full. In addition, West Asset management uses dishonest techniques ( as well as possibly illegal ) such as lying about settlement terms and threatening with lawsuits for collections.
After the time and money sunk into fighting this issue with these XXXX companies, I would like these negative marks removed from my XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX Scores. I would also like other people reading these online to really reconsider doing business with a company like XXXX at all.

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