False statements or representation

Recived a letter stating that I have a lawsuit filed against me in the XXXX judicial district court in XXXX XXXX, Michigan. XXXX Bank, XXXX successor by merger to XXXX Bank, plaintiff XXXX Myself XXXX XXXX XXXX. Case # XXXX in witch I called and there is no case filed … By said debt collector Weltman Weinberg & Reis co XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX, XXXX ( XXXX ) XXXX a XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Is attempting to collect a debt that at the time I was in debt to XXXX bank, loan was secured by collateral said property. We lost our house do to fire. The property was sold in a sheriffs auction do to taxes we could not afford. XXXX bank was notified of the sale and stated that they showed no interest in the property ‘s. The loan was for {$7500.00} and the property sold for {$40000.00} and they should have been payed at the time of sale to cover the debt before the title could have been released and cleared. Sale took place one year and five months a go. I have atempted to in the past make payments at the bank and payment was refused …! I now am XXXX and do not have an income. It so states in my contract that the loan was set as a mortgage and the property was used to secure the loan … I feel as tho I am being harassed and that this collector has and is sending me false documents in attempt to collect funds I do not owe.

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