False statements or representation

Trying to collect debt from 2006 on an expired bank account in another city. This account originally had been closed by ME, and the bank failed to issue me the last remaining few cents in the account. An automatic payment came through the bank ( that I had cancelled but still tried to come through ), and they PUT IT THROUGH, though the account was closed! It was a small amount, maybe {$25.00}.
After that, this XXXX Bank started charging enormous interest on the bounced fee ( 6 % daily compounded if I recall! ) and amount that went through. It kept going until it reached the sum of : {$250.00}, when they notified me that the account had not been closed properly and they were still charging daily interest. What took so long? No wonder they went out of business. N one trusted them! I have never known a bank in my life that added such large interest to a bounced check, especially considering the account had been closed out!! It was clearly a money making racket! I had absolutely no way of paying this fee back at the time, and felt it was perverse based on the way it was compiled. I tried to explain to the bank, but they were unreasonable and would not listen. They could only see $ $ signs. I suppose after you do this to enough people, you could be looking at quite a bit of money!
I see no reason for letters to be sent to me now, after 9 years, and phone calls to be made, from a place called First National Collection Bureau , Inc, listing RJM as the creditor, with the original account at Compass, threatening me for legal action and the ruining of my credit based on a fraudulent amount of money that I owe. I do not have my bank records that far back, as they were left in my parent ‘s garage and after my father passed, everything had to be taken out to sell the house. It SHOULD be on this bank to prove the burden of debt. I was told by the agent that they can not do that because the original creditor has the records, and they bought the bank. Really? If they bought the bank, then they should have the records! They are charging over {$200.00} of interest, at the least. NO mention of compounded daily interest was mentioned for bounced checks when I signed up to that bank initially, none!!
I was told by this debt collector that called that debts can be collected up to 15 and 20 years if it is valid. That is NOT what I have read. I have read that after 7 years that are dropped. And even if this is incorrect, it is illegal for a collection agency to buy an old debt to try to collect for themselves, and to lie and say they bought the bank ( it went out of business ). This agent argued with me over this. Sorry, I know my rights!

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