False statements or representation

I owed XXXX medical co-payments that I was told were in collection with Capital Collection Service. ( REF # XXXX ) XXXX in the amount of {$15.00} and the other {$100.00}. I originally spoke with XXXX and asked for some type of information she could mail me regarding the payments for these accounts as the XXXX co-pay for {$100.00} was being sent to wrong address ( which she corrected that day ) I told her I was not working at the time and she began interrogating me and practically ” begging ” for a checking account. I said I do not have XXXX and could make small weekly payments and it was mutually agreed upon. On XXXX XXXX I attempted to pay online via their website and an error message popped up that the minimum payment allowed was {$20.00}. BUT my debt is only {$15.00}! So I called them and spoke wth XXXX and she told me the payment must be greater than {$20.00}. I said I will have to save to make the next payment. On XXXX XXXX I called them back to make the payment and spoke with another lady who told me XXXX is new and does n’t know what she is saying and the payment has to be {$50.00} so I wrapped up the call and I went on their website and paid {$35.00} with a prepaid card. The week of XXXX XXXX in preparation for my next payment I called them up and spoke with a man who said the payment has to be {$50.00} because of their credit card fees. I said that is not my issue. On XXXX XXXX I go online to make a payment and I get the message ” Transaction Failed : XXXX – Declined Do Not Honor Card ( XXXX ). Contact customer service at XXXX for assistance. ” Capital Collection Service manually blocked me from paying online and are forcing me to call them to make {$50.00} payments. There are certain regulations that are very important, and violations of them are worthy of reporting to the issuer or government : A merchant can not set a minimum charge for a purchase that is more than {$10.00}. XXXX regulations prohibit minimum charge amounts. I have screenshots of necessary details stated above and I am willing to take this to court as it violates my XXXX card rights and I am contacting XXXX consumer relations. My payments should be accepted regardless of the amount as I am lawfully paying down my debt. I should not be subjected to unlawful minimums because of their credit card processing fees, that is a cost of business and none of my business.

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