False statements or representation

When I signed up for this credit card I was told and reassured several times about certain ” service protection plans ” I paid for monthly would cover me in the event of any accidents or unexpected short comings. Job-loss and unemployment protection was XXXX of them, I paid my bill monthly and kept it current. Then my employer unfortunately had to closed down and I was left unemployed. Still continuing to pay with what I had to give, I was under the impression by what the company representatives previously told me, that my protection plans I was paying for since day XXXX would kick in for me. I apparently was wrong, not only did they use misleading tactics to get me to pay for a service that was more money out of my pocket but it did absolutely NOTHING that they had previously told me that it would do, or cover! This is beyond unethical and morally corrupt as a major company to be misguiding its customers for profit like they did me. At the end of the day I could not afford to keep up and instead of taking care of the issue like the ” service protection plan ” promised they sent me to several debt collectors until ultimately being sued for it, having to pay several other fees in addition to the debt.

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