False statements or representation

for medical debt, I was given a summons and showed up in court. Their lawyer worked out a ” deal ” with me where I could pay payments and if defaulted would have a judgement against me. I singed the paper and paid my payments. I have proof of payments. They still went back to court and claimed I stopped paying and got a judgement against me. I was not sent any paperwork to show up in court. I am filing something to get a judge to look at it again. I called and they admitted they ” misapplied ” my payments but said it does n’t stop their process. They are now garnishing me over twice the amount I agreed to pay in court. And I did n’t break the agreement! They would n’t work with me before it went to court at all. They wanted all or nothing and I could n’t afford to pay it, so they took me to court. This is Credit Service Company inc. in XXXX XXXX, CO.

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