False statements or representation

My debt is from XXXX which is almost 17 years ago. I was told by both of the original debt collectors they would write off the XXXX dollars because I became ill and could not work due to my illness in the year of XXXX. Out of no where Midland Credit Management , INC . took money out of my checking account and threatened to keep it and sue me if I did not give them XXXX of dollars. I had to go to court and they gave me a card to call MCM. I called them immediately and explained my current my financial status that was in the area of poverty and if my money was not returned I was going to be homeless. I told them that I had not been contacted by them and they agreed to return my money only under the conditions that I I setup a payment plan with them to pay off thousands of dollars. I agreed to pay XXXX a month until it gets down and then they will make an offer to pay it off. Well, I been paying faithfully every month for 8 months. This past XXXX ( XXXX ) I got a letter that said I needed to set up a new payment plan. I called them and paid them XXXX and they never told me it was for a different collection they picked up on me in the year of XXXX during the same time of my illness. I went through a divorce due to my illness and he left me with all the bills. I am not a dishonest person I just did not have it and have not been able to recover from my illness is the reason for my low socioeconomic status. By this company not telling me there was a new bill I was paying on the bill got me behind a month so i tried to call and tell them what they did and they acted like they did not know what I was talking about. I gave them XXXX for both months. I called the other number to try and get to the bottom of this issue and they hung up on me several times and they gave me false numbers and I was only connected to the credit managers in XXXX. They would not connect me to an English speaking person and they were very rude and hateful to me. I tried to tell them that I did not know about the new bill and they said that they explained it to me and they did not! I do not know what to do I was XXXX at the time of these bills in the year of XXXX. Please help me to resolve this issue. I will be fair but I cant get any answers and I am afraid everyday they are going to steal my bill money again. I do n’t know my rights but i do know that I feel violated and I am afraid of this company. I cant find a number that is in the US. Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

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