False statements or representation

On XXXX XXXX, 2016 I received a phone call on my cell phone from an unknown number. The woman said her name was XXXX XXXX and that she was representing XXXX. She said that she had mailed out documentation to me that I had a complaint pending out of XXXX County. Told me that her time was limited and that i had not responded to the documentation. She knew where I worked. Said that she was going to call the payroll department to take care of the debt.

I called back. She informed me that the debt was from the bank I had been with several years ago. That I owed {$990.00} to them and that if I did not pay the debt, that I would no longer be allowed to hold a bank account for the next ten years.

Red Flags should have been : 1. I banked with this bank out of XXXX County, not XXXX County 2. This bank actually issued me a check in that amount over 2 years ago, stating that it was for unnecessary fines.
3. They never sent me paper work stating that the funds would be removed from my account. Any debt collector sends a statement to you to let you know that the funds will be taken out so that you make sure that funds are in the account.

I questioned it, but honestly, at the time I was in a stressful point in my life and she was scaring me that my bank account would be shut down. She knew my social security number, where I worked, where I lived … So I gave her my debit card number and set up 3 recurring payments. The first one came out on XXXX XXXX, 2016 for {$320.00}. The second was posted to my account on XXXX XXXX, 2016 for {$320.00}.
This morning I got paid and was working on bills. I wanted to call this company to see if I could split this last payment in half between XXXX paychecks. i looked up the company online and WOW! There are scam alerts out for this company. XXXX XXXX name was even listed as having called another person.
I looked at my bank account to see if it had been debited yet, and drove up to my bank to try to stop the payment. I explained everything to them and tried to put a stop payment on the debit. Just that quick, they had already put the transaction through. I cancelled my debit card and filed a dispute against them with my bank. They are not sure if this final payment will take or not since I cancelled the debit card associated with it. I have to check back again tomorrow.

I am not a rich person but I am not a dumb person either. It concerns me that they have all of this information about me. I have seen a few Blog scam alerts online. People discussing it, having the same issues, saying they need to file a complaint. I ‘m not sure that any of them have, so I wanted to make sure someone knew about this group.

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