False statements or representation

I had a credit card debt with Chase bank. I closed the account in XXXX XXXX after the interests rates were elevated to & gt ; 18 %. The debt was sold in XXXX to XXXX ( wrong amount stated ) In XXXX XXXX the law firm XXXX in XXXX Forida filed a suit ( past the 4 year statute of limitations ) for a default judgement stating XXXX of XXXX was the attorney to answer to .. very confusing. a week later I received a settlement offer from XXXX. ( I was in no position to make the payments asked ). In XXXX of XXXX now five years later- I had my wages garnished and on the garnishment it said-XXXX, as assignee of XXXX as assignee of Chase! Ultimately I had over XXXX dollars garnished for an old debt from Chase by XXXX.. that had been through 3 third party debt collectors —

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