False statements or representation

I was originally contact by a blocked number on XXXX/XXXX/16 who advised me I was being summons and to give them my updated address when I refused he advised I needed to call XXXX XXXX law firm, to discuss matter. When I called I spoke with ” XXXX ” who stated I owed XXXX for a 5/3 account that originally had a balance of XXXX but he is asking for XXXX. When I asked for more information on who they were he immediately got rude with me. He stated I ‘m not a collection agent I ‘m a lawyer. He never provided me the attempt to collect a date verbiage. At this point I was fearful and under extreme duress. He stated this is a criminal offense and if you do n’t pay today we will see you in court!. At this point I begin to feel threatened and uncomfortable with the situation. He than told me to find some resources and call him at his personal line which was XXXX. After I got off the line with him I contacted 5/3 bank who stated they had no clue who this company was but advised me the debt was only XXXX and was sold to another company .. I also pulled my credit, and I noticed that my credit was pulled on XXXX/XXXX/2016 by them. After making numerous calls to different companies I received XXXX voicemails today from this said XXXX at XXXX legal again harassing me saying he is the only person that can help. As I m typing this complain I received a call from XXXX XXXX XXXX, CA someone who stated that again this is a criminal offense because of the amount and that the charges would be dropped if I pay XXXX

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