False statements or representation

I will try to be brief … On XX/XX/2017 around XXXX. I received a phone call from my girlfriend stating that an investigator was trying to reach me. She told me that he needed to talk to me about a matter that will be held downtown in court tomorrow. While on the phone with her, I received another call on the other line from a man who claimed to be a ” Fraud Investigator ” for XXXX. He insisted that a fraud case was coming up the next day in court and that I needed to be present .. This was a lie and I found out that he was an employee for Devon Financial a XXXX. I then related to him that any XXXX i had was discharged with my bankruptcy. I also explained that I was a retired XXXX XXXX and what he was saying wasnt true. He became irate with that and proceded to call me a ” XXXX! ” My immediate response was ” What Did You Just Call Me? ” To which he responded, ” You Heard Me! ” I then told him I will be making a complaint and hung up. Now this type of conduct is very unacceptable, unprofessional and above all ” XXXX ” and needs immediate attention and more screening of your employees. I really look forward to hearing from your office regarding this matter. I thank you in advance.

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