False statements or representation

Took out a personal unsecured small loan to taske are of some medicine that my husband, whom I ‘m so very proud of, obtain his pain medications for the month when his XXXX would fill up. Dealt with this. Company before and i should have know better but I went ahead with it bc i did n’t know how I was gon na make it for ghe the month anyhow?? So I went back to a loan company that I said I would never deal with again but at that particular time I did n’t have a choice. After realizing I had signed that permission paper again I called and made sure that I knew what to do when I needed to stop it any future debits. The loan place hit my bank account on the XXXX of the following month on the XXXX with the due date on XX/XX/XXXX!! So I called the store manager on XX/XX/XXXX and she was really nice over the phone. So I stopped by there to find out what happened and she explained that she had been on vacation that week it happened and she was even kind enough to show me on the form I had signed that I had the right to revoke that authorization by just telling them or writing them. So I XXXX her right there that I no longer have the permission to access my bank account and she said ok and she said she would make sure it would n’t happen again. She said she had never taken vacation on the XXXX bc people usually messed something up. So the next month comes due so I get some cash out to pay it due to the fact that they do not accept personal checks, and other forms of payment. So on XX/XX/2016 they hit my account again that ended up costing me an additional XXXX NSF charges that was {$76.00}!! I called the home office and asked to speak with someon n management and a very nice lady named XXXX helped me by taking down my info and my complaints and assured me that her boss would receive an email explaining what happened. On XX/XX/2016 I personally went to my bank and asked for their help and they suggested I rip that debit card up and order a new one.
Did they breach the contract by continuing to take unauthorized debits?

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