False statements or representation

XXXX dba XXXX office manager XXXX, billed to our Care Credit/Synchrony Bank Account for work that was to be done in the FAR future, not within 30 days. This work has still not been rendered, but they are STILL expecting us to pay for. XXXX told us that we were signing as ESTIMATE to lock in the prices, NOT they it gave permission to bill our Care Credit card. After this, they fired the Dentist I HIRED to do the work. I asked that ALL charges for servies not rendered to be refunded immediately, as I was going to follow XXXX to wherever he went to. XXXX REFUSED, stating work HAD been done. I asked for my file to be sent to me, XXXX never did. I filed a dispute with Care Credit. Care Credit sent me the information that XXXX sent them ; in this packet of information, was ALL of my PERSONAL information that I had asked for & XXXX refused to give me. In this was my Patient Ledger AND ALL the Clinical Notes with my personal information!!! I did NOT give XXXX nor XXXX my permission to release ANY of my personal information!! This is in DIRECT violation of HIPPA!! Once I got all this information, I compared the Patient Ledger to the Clinical Notes, figured out what was ACTUALLY done & then paid accordingly. Care Credit & XXXX REFUSED to take the bogus charges off the account. I ca n’t get any more dental work done until the charges are removed. I XXXX. This is causing MANY issues with my health & well being & my relationship with my husband. I HAVE PROOF THAT THE WORK THEY ARE BILLING FOR HAS NOT BEEN DONE!!! I REFUSE TO PAY FOR WORK THAT HAS NOT BEEN DONE!!!

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