False statements or representation

I finally left GC Services holding my defaulted federal student loans. I asked and asked in email after email and letter mailed in after letter mailed in. When this happens starting 3 months ahead of the 9 month on the rehabilitation process.
Who owns my debt then?
When is this transfer done?
Who do I pay and how do I pay then so I am not back in default for being late possibly yet having the money ready!?

XXXX XXXX I exited defafult.Friday the XXXX I got my premium forwarded weekly package of mail I pay for from my apartment in XXXX XXXX, as I am in XXXX XXXX on business for work XXXX. I got a letter stating from the XXXX XXXX XXXX for XXXX XXXX XXXX, looks like what I was asking for. I see no website, no means to go online to verify anything or pay anything. XXXX loan break down, figures, finally something in writing after begging for this info from GC Services.

Mailed out {$50.00} money orders per the XXXX loans totally {$500.00} that night, in the mail Saturday morning on way into the plant at XXXX to the letter address, the national payment center for XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Broken down per the loan on the requested payment of {$22.00} for month. Due date was the XXXX of the month … .odd less then a month for the cycle and since last payment but I work a lot of over time so I sent it out I am trying all means to pay off the debt.

This past Friday I call the money orders Wednesday all processed. Yet I still had no idea how to review anything online f or my balance, receipt, info, who what, how the bill is made.

I call the listed number get Default Resolution Group for the XXXX XXXX XXXX for XXXX XXXX XXXX. They are refunding me the money but would not give out amounts claiming they do n’t own the loans anymore. Well who the XXXX does I just sent in {$500.00} to the XXXX who told me to pay. Oh its XXXX Bank. Call this number. I do they are closed. I XXXX, again trying everything here.

Find them, create account and find out logging in they want their money but no minimal amount set by the XXXX of XXXX. In panic since I do n’t want to miss my first month payment and they are closed for the weekend and I do n’t give out bank routing numbers online and given nature of GC Services now holding my {$500.00} for 45 days they said on the phone … .how cute they get to make interest, as I am charged interest on my {$500.00} for 45 days how is that legal!??

I put {$500.00} more Saturday XXXX on way into the plant to XXXX bank address for my Federal loans to the address on their website. I am planning to call them when they open XXXX XXXX Monday morning. I fear they will say the payment did n’t process until Wed the XXXX and I am a day late the first month coming out of Default. I am prepared to give them {$350.00} on phone if they will take payment Monday. I am scrambling here to not go back into default.

GC Services aka XXXX XXXX XXXX or whatever names they play by tricked me and now is holding {$500.00} for 45 days while I have interest bearing on me, and could be late to pay my first month out of default due to lied to me about whom to send the payment into I asked about for 3 months ahead of time.

They make money holding my money they cant hold?!
Navient bank can not contact me yet own my loans and say a first payment date without contacting me in any way?
The address they had on their system when I logged in had missing numbers in my phone and mailing address they got I am assuming from GC Services who benefits if I miss the first months payment and default again.

I want my {$500.00} back now not in 2 months they took wrongfully misleading me. I want to pay my loans off that I am just now tracking down who owns on time and more then minimal to pay it off!

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