False statements or representation

I was contacted by a company called Asset Recovery Associates last week while I was traveling for work. A voice mail was left for me to call back a ” XXXX XXXX ” about an important matter but it was very vague. Upon calling back, I spoke with XXXX XXXX who explained that he was calling about a credit card account I had back in 1993 when I was in college which was now up to $ XXXX. He said that even though it was way past the statute of limitations, it was going to court and I was going to get my wages garnished and this was my last chance to resolve it voluntarily. I said I wanted to speak with his supervisor and I began speaking with XXXX XXXX who said I had a choice of paying a settlement of {$2100.00} or I can pay {$300.00} per month but that would mean paying a total of $ XXXX. I said I was traveling for work and had to call back.

2 Days later while on my way back home at the airport, I get a call from someone from my office telling me that a XXXX XXXX called, saying he was calling on behalf of the XXXX county court and that he was an attorney and that my wages were going to be garnished!!! He told this to some at my office.

Furious, I immediately called back was treated in a very mean and unprofessional way by this undereducated thug. I insisted on speaking with his boss, XXXX XXXX got back on the phone and told me that my wages would be garnished. She bullied me into a {$1400.00} settlement. Fearing that more calls would be made to my place of work, I gave authorization for this payment and I now regret it. I have an attorney that is going to be suing them but I want to warn other people to BEWARE of this horrible company that misrepresents, lies and uses fear to steal money from people on debts that are no longer valid.

They are located in XXXX XXXX, ILThe number that comes up on caller ID is XXXXI was told by attorney that this company has been sued 19 times for this type of thing. I want my {$1400.00} back and I am going to get it. I NEVER file complaints but once my place of work was contacted, I felt compelled to do so.

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