False statements or representation

A representative from Navient offered affordable monthly payments, stating that I had to make sure to pay for 3 months, and then I would be entered into a reduced interest program.
My husband and I agreed and began making monthly payments. At that time I also began looking into repayment options, such as grants, forgiveness, etc. I was approved for {$7800.00}. I called XXXX and to ask about directing the allocation of the additional funds to completely pay off XXXX of my smaller loans, leaving only XXXX larger loans. I was told that I could not do that until the funds were received. Once the funds were received I called back and was told that I could not decide how my funds were allocated, but was advised to email a supervisor and ask. I was also informed at this time ( 6 months of on-time payments later ) that I had not been put into the reduced interest program, due to missed payments. I was told that missed a payment the month that XXXX received {$7800.00} which was two months after I should have already been in the program. I then received XXXX letters in the mail thanking me for my partial payment?! I have only paid the full amount that was initially agreed on. I never received a reply from the person I emailed, but I did call back. After that next conversation my excess funds were reallocate to pay all but XXXX cents of XXXX of my loans, but left {$460.00} on the other XXXX that it was suppose to pay off completely. I continued to call in order to have it done correctly ; in fact, I call back about XXXX to two times a week now. I have spoken to over XXXX different people and have been told that what I am asking for is possible and legitimate ; however, I ca n’t seem to find the XXXX person that handles this. I have been told by all representatives that they are working on it. Yet it has been 5 months since the excess funds were sent in, and 10 months of regular on time payments, I have still not been put in the reduced interest program ( despite being told several times that I am eligible and will be entered into it that day ), I still have not had my funds reallocated, and XXXX still reports to the credit bureaus that I am not paying, despite nearly a year of on time payments and {$7800.00} in excess funds.

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