False statements or representation

Macy ‘s allows its clients to enroll in autopay, and then stops honoring it without informing the client ( even when one ‘s account shows current autopay enrollment. ) They then charge late fees and report nonpayment to credit bureaus after 30 days. I have tried to have this corrected, but have received no response. This happened in XXXX as well, but this time it has affected my credit rating at a time when I am pursuing a home equity line of credit ( HELOC ). Each time it occurs, I have had fairly large balances in my checking account ( ~ {$3000.00} – XXXX ) so it is not because of lack of funds. ( They actually do n’t claim that it is ; they just stop honoring autopay. ) In XXXX, I was told ( after inquiring ) that my autopay was canceled if I did not use my account every month. The information regarding autopay available at the time I enrolled did NOT disclose this, and I believe the practice was later changed. I was not notified and was then charged late fees if my payment, which I did not know had not been paid by autopay, was overdue.

Interestingly, for a period of time, I received notices each month, stating that in accordance with my request, my bill was being paid by autopay. It was n’t unusual, however, for my card to still be declined days after receiving this notice! A few sales people from different stores have told me they receive billing complaints ” all the time. ” Last month I learned that Macy ‘s was once again failing to honor my autopay, and that they had reported me to the credit bureaus in XXXX XXXX for a 30 day-late payment. When I checked my account online, it indicated that I was currently enrolled, so I do n’t understand why my bills were not paid. ( I attached a screen shot of my account page indicating ” Autopay On. ” ) I went through the enrollment process again, even though under status, it stated that I was already enrolled.

I have just learned that because of this, I either can not get a HELOC or will have to do so with a significantly higher interest rate. The credit agencies also cited the time in XXXX when Macy ‘s did the same thing. Because it was more remote, it did not have the same weight individually, but together, the XXXX have a significant effect.

In XXXX, I asked Macy ‘s to remove the late payment notice that was submitted because of their error, and to send me a letter to provide to the credit agencies. Despite being told they would do this, they did not.

I am normally pretty easygoing, but Macy ‘s practices are beyond upsetting. I am furious that my credit has been affected when, for the very first time, I need to take an equity loan because of family illnesses. I also am disgusted with their lack of response to consumer inquiries.

I am hopeful the CFPB will be able to help. Thanks very much.

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