False statements or representation

In 2011 I had XXXX accounts with sterling Jewelers, XXXX with XXXX and XXXX with a jared. These accounts were both paid as agreed until my husband was injured and required extensive surgery at which time we were forced to file a chpt XXXX to protect our home. When our home was no longer in jeopardy we voluntarily dismissed the chpt XXXX. Both my attorney and myself attempted to contact sterling to ascertain the holder of these accounts to no avail. Even a certified letter went unanswered. This is a common complaint with XXXX after reviewing social media.

Two weeks ago I received a call from s ” no caller ID number. ” The individual identified themselves as a ” representative of the state that needed me to be at home or my place of employment wt XXXX to deliver legal, papers. ” A phone number and reference number was provided. When I called the provided phone number I reached an individual, who stated ” he was from Kay Jewelers and the lawyers had already filed paperwork with my state and county. ” ” I was given 72 hours to pay my account or face ” legal action or prosecution. ” In a panic, I provided my bank account numbers. I was told an authorization to deduct monies from my bank account would be emailed and I would need to sign this authorization. I did indeed receive such an email, and realized I needed to have this information reviewed. Much to my surprise, over XXXX was deducted from my checking account within 72 hours without return of the authorization. My bank ( XXXX ) fraud department immediately became involved. The identified offender was ” XXXX XXXX. ” Several days later, my husband received another call from ” no caller Id. ” Same scenario. It was ” a state employee needing to serve legal documents. ” When the phone number was called, an individual ( XXXX ) went into great detail about a Jared account. My husband was NEVER on this Individual Jared account. This was again ” regency capital. ” I immediately contacted an attorney ( XXXX ) regarding the unauthorized deduction and continued threats of criminal action. I spoke with XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ). When XXXX XXXX called the phone numr of the ” Kay representative, ” the individual refused to provide the company name, address, or, fax number. XXXX XXXX could find no record of XXXX XXXX in her data base of licensed agencies in New York. The attorney office advised that I immediately cancel my bank account and debit cards. This required I miss an entire day of work to cancel my account, debit card, automatic deduction, etc.

Around this time, I received a credit alert that XXXX XXXX XXXX had placed XXXX collection entries on my credit file, XXXX for Jared and XXXX for Kay. The entries appeared as new defaulted accounts. Prior to the appearance on my credit, I had never heard of XXXX. I had certainly received no communication from them.

I called XXXX and spoke with an extremely rude lady who told me ” we, own these accounts and they have been outsourced for collection to XXXX. ” When I described the issues related to XXXX XXXX, the agent responded ” I do n’t believe any of that. It ‘s not my problem anyway, it ‘s yours. ” She then hung the phone up!

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