False statements or representation

Here ‘s the case : I called XXXX XXXX to settle the debt. XXXX XXXX was the person whom I spoke to. I stated I am calling to pay the debt only if it will be removed from my XXXX and XXXX credit report. XXXX XXXX said that once the payment was made Diversified Consultants will be removed from my XXXX and XXXX credit reports in 30-35 days. I made payment of account in full with this good faith verbal agreement. 30 days came and went. I checked my credit report and Diversified Consultants still remained on XXXX and XXXX credit reports. I called XXXX XXXX back and he transferred me to XXXX XXXX who sent the attached letter.

I called Diversified Consultants again and spoke to XXXX XXXX and he told me in a rude, disrespectful and harsh tone of voice that Diversified Consultants will not be removed from my XXXX and XXXX credit reports. Needless to say, I was and still am LIVID!!!!

I called XXXX back in 40 days and again 45 days and Diversified Consultants and was told by a XXXX rep in the complaints that XXXX would be remove Diversified Consultants from XXXX and XXXX Credit Reports. I check credit report again XXXX XXXX, 2015 which is precisely 45 days after payment was made and Diversified Consultants still remains on the reports.

I spoke to XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) – again on XXXX XXXX, 2015 and he told me that Diversified Consultants will not submit a letter of removal for this account from my XXXX and XXXX credit report and this account will not be removed.

The tactic XXXX XXXX used to STEAL my money is FRAUD. This is bad for XXXX business and I will never, ever, ever return to XXXX for any service of any kind and I would NOT RECOMMEND XXXX to anyone because of the FRUSTRATION and LIES I received about this PAID account.

Attached is the letter I received with no mention that account will be removed from credit reports.

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