False statements or representation

I was told by Account Control Technology, that they were contracted by XXXX XXXX XXXX to collect delinquent student loans. I was to pay XXXX for seven years and after that the rest of my student loan would be forgiven. They called it the forgiveness program. I ‘m a XXXX Veteran and my wife and were trying to purchase a home, to discover the negative student loan on my credit report. I called the FSA they told me no money had been paid on my loan EVER! I ‘m XXXX years old and I ca n’t start over again. These people have robbed me of XXXX dollars that they deducted out of my account ( ACH ). Now I have no way of getting my money back, I ca n’t afford an attorney and my wife and I may have to move because we are occupying the house we wished to purchase. The owners are wanting to sell ASAP. I ‘m at a loss. Can you help me?

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