False statements or representation

In XX/XX/XXXX I wrote to Aspen national Debit collection to verify a debit, which they did. I wrote back and acknowledge my debit with an explanation of the amount of payments of could make and the amount owe according to my calculations. I stated that I was sending my first payment in good faith. I then stated that if they cashed my check and I did not hear from them, they had accept my offer. They cashed my check and I never heard from them again. In XX/XX/XXXX I wrote to say that I had paid my debt since I had received no communication, then about ten days later I received a notice from XXXX XXXX stating I still had a balance. Up to this time my original communication and all later was made through XXXX XXXX. In XXXX I resent for the third time my original agreement letter .Around the XX/XX/XXXX I received a phone message message fon Aspen Collections , so I returned the call. I spoke with XXXX XXXX and he said I owed so much money. I reminded him about my letter and he stated ” we have received a lot of letters from you. ” He continued to say that they do not make any deals and I owed the money. I stated that they cashed my check and according to the terms of my letter, they made an agreement, and no one has ever contacted me. He Said ” we have tried on numerous occasions to contact you. ” Not true! At that point I asked to speak to XXXX XXXX and was told there was no one there by that name. All my communication was sent to the XXXX XXXX with the same address XXXX XXXX called from.

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